• Broil King Side-Table Digital Thermometer

Broil King Side-Table Digital Thermometer

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Brand Broil King
Monitor the whole cookout from outside the grill. The Broil King Side-Table Thermometer has two probes that enable you to simultaneously monitor the internal temperature for a cut of meat and the ambient grill temperature without opening your grill to check inside. It has an integrated countdown timer and a wide range of target doneness for each cut of meat, or you can set your own target. Temperature range: approximately -58°F to +572°F. 2 stainless steel probes ensure accurate temperature readouts Large backlit display shows current temperature and target cooking temperature Pre-programmed targets for 8 different types of meat with a variety of doneness temps Case features an integrated channel to wrap the cables in and a clip to attach a probe for storage Integrated flip-out stand for displaying the thermometer on your grill's side table Requires two AAA batteries (not included)
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